Legal Disclaimer

 Legal disclaimer: this company hereby remind you: in determining the universal purchase diploma ( nets of any degree certificate before diploma, please make sure that you read carefully and thoroughly understand this statement. You can not choose and buy any diploma offline study diploma degree certificate, but if you choose foreign diploma nets, it means you in the future use behavior will be regarded as regarding this statement full content of recognition.

• universal diploma nets ( sold under any academic diploma certificate means for a new product for customers to enjoy a copy of the original lost or just in case. But not in any illegal purpose.

if someone abuse by foreign diploma nets sold any academic diploma certificate, ( and our staff will not responsible for, this customer use diploma certificate the consequences of also should take all, including legal responsibility.

universal diploma nets, no branches (including agency), the customer if through the network second-hand channels for high foreign diploma nets diploma degree certificate. We will not be after-sales service and refund the price difference.

foreign diploma nets fully comply with the two sides promise, order after the close, delete all the information and pictures, the customer if choose pay treasure deal flow, received relevant materials three hours must loan, or foreign diploma nets have the right to notify customers in the premise of all material pictures will be open and network through legal procedures for a lawsuit.

we again, the company is not any school, executive search and religious groups, we are a study abroad intermediary company!

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