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Why do people like to call themselves Cock wire ,funny chin

 Why do people like to call themselves Cock wire ,funny chinese culture 
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       REVIEW: Why do people like to call themselves Cock wire? This is where the great meaning. Cock wire in the back of popular culture, we can even see which lasts retractable humanity, those unwilling to smile and knees tearful soul.
       So what is the Cock silk culture, Cock silk culture is a unique culture, it is mixed with sexual repression and sexual liberation, the socio-economic and political order of dissatisfaction and revolt, unique decompression all, identity, excessive entertainment and networking, etc. .
       First, claiming Cock wire for decompression.Fake diploma,Fake degree,Fake certificate, Diploma order,Buy a diploma.
      People are both social, but also animal nature. Usually that part of society like personality to the police, it will try to limit the human animal that part - primitive instincts of desire (so-called ego). Super I need people on moral, economic and social status, sexual performance was in line with social norms, which creates stress and anxiety. The so-called Cock wire, in fact, in some ways exhibit delight of such social norms ridicule and resistance. This ultra me laugh to ease stress and anxiety, so that serious social norms seem less heavy. Self-deprecating decompression is a prevailing Master. You will see, what to bring pressure on the young, what will become Cock silk culture mocked core. For example, Cock wire in sexual repression and emotional confusion will become "the goddess told you huh" and "Hi Dangdie", while occupational stress becomes "the foreman calling you Quban brick" the.
      In addition to self-deprecating, Cock wire also laugh others. And others from comparing the pressure part. Cock wire most like to do, is to look at other Cock wire jokes. Cock wire subtext is usually: "and compared the Cock wire, I do not know where to go higher than his." So most people who call themselves Cock wire superiority actually come through ridicule other Cock wire Bale. Superiority but also conducive to decompression.
      Second, claiming Cock wire is weak resistance.Fake diploma,Fake degree,Fake certificate, Diploma order,Buy a diploma.
      Cock silk culture, including the old social order, economic and cultural resistance. This revolt banter and ridicule by way of dispelling the original order of seriousness and sanctity. This and previous era Wang Shuo popular "I'm afraid my rogue" is the same meaning. From farther, it's popular and ancient Greek philosophy had the same strain of cynicism. From the object, rich handsome objects become the brunt of being laughed at, he and the goddess of love story is simplified as "lovemaking." Artificial star has become an important object of ridicule, such as black "milk" and Yang Mi Cock wire are the most loved activities. Political order is also important to resist and complain objects, such as, Cock wire are everywhere "this way, this way" the "party lead the way," Cock wire favorite saying is "too simple" (Tucson broken), "naive" ( It is the clothes) gaffe from a political figure. Greetings Cock wire is the "next life of the United States," Cock wire curse is "the next life big Korean," even my "big heavenly" argument also from Cock silk culture.Fake diploma,Fake degree,Fake certificate, Diploma order,Buy a diploma.
      Matter of particular concern, some resist Cock wire, it is a very strange posture of yield. For example, Cock wire often say, "to kneel" "kneel lick." This reverse characteristics important defense mechanism of the weak against the official. Cock wire by excessive weakness, to make high handsome and other social hierarchical order of superior Cock wire ridiculous.
      Another important feature of the weak resistance, is without recourse to violence. Because violence meant a complete break with existing social order, and is not more do the Cock wire. Cock wire with his own words, has long been scared urine. So Poly Culture did not become part of the culture Cock wire, on the contrary, violence has become the object of ridicule Cock silk culture. A "Northeastern Believe it or hacked you" is reduced to "cut letter" spread everywhere.Fake diploma,Fake degree,Fake certificate, Diploma order,Buy a diploma.
      Third, claiming Cock wire is identity.
      Cock wire why popular culture? One of the reasons that it reflects the young general pressure and confusion: stress on the emotional frustration, confusion career development, social injustice and economic poverty. The frustration or confusion, young people in China today, more or less experience. The second reason, is that it builds a unique language system, the language system to entertaining way to express young people's attitude to the old order. Identity attitudes so that these languages ??can quickly six stars. And once you use these Yuyan, you get some kind of identity. Third, it is a network of communication and culture and unique combination. Mode of transmission of the network, simply, is, "and a major event," the. We are seeking something new and exciting tide. Two Cock wire cultural struggle with this cultural identity.
       All in real life people encounter stress and frustration of all those who do not come from the bottom of the godfather of all the hard work that the people in the city, all consciously humble and lonely people, all people harbor the ideal hesitated, all thoughts of a goddess who was not available, are likely to agree with this culture. Even Cock wire is also positive and live it.Fake diploma,Fake degree,Fake certificate, Diploma order,Buy a diploma.
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