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Just buy a fake degree is more smarter,you need it 
Recently wanted to change jobs, some time ago to see a foreign company a full technical support positions that fit their own, they voted resumes. The job requirements are undergraduate degree, I can only college, so changes to undergraduate education industry resume. Originally is little hope, but want to try their strength. After one week, the company's HR called me and asked to go to an interview request with identity cards and copies of academic certificates. Oh Oh, not how to do, so he took a picture and then use DC ps the original certificate to undergraduate! That went to the interview, the first theory and HR talk, no problem, the second round and marker manager, interview in English, for a half-hour technical problem. Finally, the manager, to the customs did not ask anything, just ask a few simple questions. Came out feeling in general, I have no idea. HR can be had for two days and called me and said I was admitted, in fact, this time they only recruit one person, and there are more than 20 interviews. I now how to do ah, yes, and they always speak or simply buy a fake diploma !

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