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Diploma order. What University Admissions Officers Want.Where to buy a fake certificate.  In a survey of university admissions officers in the UK and US, some 93% rated evidence of passion for students’ chosen subject as important or very important. This matches the equally high rating accorded to a good level of written English.Where to buy a fake certificate.Other highly valued attributes include a positive attitude towards studies, ability to think and work independently, and a reasonable level of mathematics.Where to buy a fake certificate.

The findings, published earlier this week, are part of the 10th annual University Admissions Officers Report from ACS International Schools, the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IB) and the International Baccalaureate Schools and Colleges Association (IBSCA).Where to buy a fake certificate.
The table below shows the attributes most highly valued by surveyed university admissions officers, in addition to academic grades.Where to buy a fake certificate.Diploma order. What University Admissions Officers Want.

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