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Fake degree.International student numbers to double by 2022. Fake diploma,Fake degree, Fake certificate, Nearly a fifth of all University of Toronto undergraduate students come from countries other than Canda. In 2014, over 3,000 first year students were from abroad, which constituted a 60 per cent raise in enrollment from 2010.Fake diploma,Fake degree, Fake certificate, 

With U of T consistently ranked within the top 20 schools worldwide, the university continues to see growing numbers of international applicants along side growing international tuition fees.Fake diploma,Fake degree, Fake certificate.

U of T’s international undergraduate enrolment has grown steadily over the past six years, growing from 6,233 students in 2009 to 11,894 students in 2014.Fake diploma,Fake degree, Fake certificate.Fake degree.International student numbers to double by 2022.

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