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Fake diploma,Fake degree,Fake certificate, Diploma order,Buy a diploma.ID card, residence booklet, lost passport can report the loss, replacement, why diploma, degree certificate can not reissue lost? The National People's Congress, Municipal People's Congress, Shanghai bridge (Group) Co., Ltd. Chairman Zhou Xing by submitting written comments, called for changes "diploma not make up lost" stereotypes.Zhou Xing increase introduced Road, 1999, he founded the Academy bridge in Shanghai, more than 10 years, the school culture more than twenty thousand students, made about twenty thousand school diploma. Some students have lost the diploma to the school requires replacement, the school informed: only open a proof, not a replacement diploma, he said it was the Ministry of Education regulations.Diploma can not mFake diploma,Fake degree,Fake certificate, Diploma order,Buy a diploma.ake up the loss, the school can only open a proof, to build a chapter, but this proved inadequate authority, authenticity is questioned, no matter on many occasions, they still original. No originals how to do? This gives unscrupulous counterfeiters diplomas can take advantage of the machine is provided. They openly on the Internet promise: "You lost diploma, I will give you engage in a, exactly the same with the originals." Some people were forced reluctantly, only asked people to fake diplomas, so there is "genuine fake diploma degree" phenomenon.A company responsible person with respect, his diploma was a fake, went missing after the diploma diploma traffickers custom there, but education is really, he can provide a lot of evidence to prove it. Visible, selling fake diplomas repeated, the education sector, "not make up lost" norm also play a role in fFake diploma,Fake degree,Fake certificate, Diploma order,Buy a diploma.ueling. Today, diploma, degree certificate of a person, especially young people is really too important: job search, candidates, civil service exam, applicants the high school level, promotion duties, professional titles, they have to see the original diploma. It can be said, diploma, degree certificate is the people a job, promotion, studies of "identity" and "pass." So the consequences of the loss of a diploma or degree certificate is really very serious, very tragic, and even affect the life. Zhou Xing increase in the online search found diploma or degree certificate lost quite common.There are so many people lost diploma, they may be lost from small to large, family live frugally, studying hard in exchange for a brilliant life. Zhou Xing increase pleaded, the education sector think of a way, to change to change "diploma not make up lost" stereotypes.Fake diploma,Fake degree,Fake certificate, Diploma order,Buy a diploma.

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