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ISIS send video shot British spy, claiming that revenge is just the beginning
ISIS seems enemy to the world, last  week I saw the video of a man killed his mother ,just because his morther want to run together with the son ,ok ,Only the identity of the mother is a legal right?no !why ,tell me why !how it could do this ,and The son is crazy right?fuck him ,what are the ISIS do ?why could the government go there to stop them、why? just because that will cost a lot of money?what will be more expensive ,money or life?if I could  be  abroad , I will do my best to stop them ,to kill them ,and then I want help the people live in middle East,I know ,I know you want to go abroad,what you need?yeah ,I know ,fake certificate.we can do almost  all fake certificate,contact me Skype :adolph.863  you can see our website too,when you need it ,let me know ,I m always here waitting for you .

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