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why we say China has no influence on the world
I liked the example to illustrate the current issues related to China,if you know the game of the dota ,you can know Roshan,he was very powerful and very important,yeah ,I mean ,just like China ,China now only passive defense rather than proactive,Each country can go to war with China, if not beat, just to retreat, the Chinese government will not continue to pursue them, so no matter how kind of results, always hurt China, have any influence? Another point on, just as Roshan can save sb a life ,China can rely on the economy to protection of the Russian  ,yes ,china already do this ,this is what  he can do ,So everyone laughed at China, just because there are too may things prove China is too weak,this is what I think ,am I right?you will ask why would I to say this ,what do I do ,oh ,I live in china I can make all kinds of fake degree ,just that ,make fake diploma ,fake certificate, if you need one or you think I m right .you can contact me ,my skype :adolph.863     you can see our website too thank you.

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