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Students start three months income 200,000 CNY Fake diploma,Fake degree,Fake certificate, Diploma order,Buy a diploma. Located in stone mountain sports park Comp youth entrepreneurship community, 22-year-old Hu Hesheng (pictured) is not the youngest, but when the initial distress, so that the person in charge of community youth entrepreneurship Comp impressed him: "At that time he was finishing procedures, only 100 dollars in his pocket. "
Memories distress start early, still read and Business University senior Hu Hesheng not evaded. "December 2, 2015." Hu Hesheng said to him that day, "I am excited and scared."
It turned out that was still in junior Hu Hesheng, in the teacher's inspiration, ready to start their own company, but for the money people do not have time to learn English customized learning English. "At that time English comparative Okay, the teacher introduced me to his friends,Fake diploma,Fake degree,Fake certificate, Diploma order,Buy a diploma. my one to one tutoring English." Let Hu Hesheng did not expect that favorable conditions for their first counseling objects out of, Students start three months income 200,000 CNY "A week only 8 lessons gave me a fee of 3,000 yuan. "
English saw the high-end custom market prospects, Hu Hesheng under the guidance of teachers to prepare their own business. After learning communities Comp young entrepreneurs start service-station style, he did not hesitate to friends and parents borrowed a total of $ 6,000 with their own money before, "one thousand dollars Full cast into it, do after the formalities, the 100 dollars in his pocket on the left. "Please eat leftovers home with students
Hu Hesheng said that the reason his pocket only $ 100, "mainly because I rented a house in this neighborhood, to facilitate entrepreneurship."
Only 100 yuan Hu Hesheng, saving as much as possible, "won 100 bucks a week after class, the students invited me to dinner, I not only did not hesitate, he did not eat also packaged to take home to eat the next day." Hu Hesheng said that in those days, they want the most is "hurry past this week."
Survived this week, Hu Hesheng really ushered in the start of spring, he found a partner, to build high-end English custom platform. In the first quarter of this year, he founded the English way of hunting, turnover reached 19.5 million. Fake diploma,Fake degree,Fake certificate, Diploma order,Buy a diploma. Students start three months income 200,000 CNY 

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