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University graduation has come and gone and despite all the talk of it being the hottest job market in years for new graduates, you’re still on the sidelines. You’ve sent out dozens of CVs and submitted countless applications. Still, nothing.

Panic sets in. You start to think all that study was for nothing.

With little real experience on your resume, what can you do to increase your odds of landing your dream position and to make yourself more attractive to employers?

Treat it like a job

“The best advice is simple, but job seekers rarely follow it,” said Ginger Porter, managing director of the Dallas and Atlanta offices at global communications firm Golin, in an email. “Start every day like it’s your work day.”

Don’t lounge around in your PJs all day while binge-watching your favourite shows. Get dressed in the morning with the idea that you have somewhere you need to be: looking for a job.

Outside your comfort zone

If you are getting interviews but they are outside the field you studied and not really of any interest to you, take time to gain more work experience in your field, according to Prague-based Oliver Donoghue, managing director of the Nonstop Recruitment Schweiz AG talent agency. And that may mean taking a position slightly different than you hoped for.

“It doesn’t have to be anything game-changing. Even a brief stint at a relevant organisation will be enough to show employers that you’re serious about your career and want to gain some professional experience,” he said.

Presenting yourself on paper

If you did any internships while in school that were related to your field of interest, don’t just list them. Instead, showcase them through a portfolio of the work you did while at the job, suggested Payal Vasudeva, a managing director in Accenture’s Strategy division in the London office.

“Being able to demonstrate specific job skills, whether through an internship, volunteer work or extracurricular activities, increases your chances of landing that job,” she said in an email.

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