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The 10 Hardest State Universities To Get Into
10) University Of California, Santa Barbara
The University of California, Santa Barbara is one of the 10 campuses of the University of California system. This public state university is one of the most competitive colleges. Hundreds of students apply to get into the university that has a 46% acceptance rate.
The UC Santa Barbara is located near the beach. Every year, 66% of the students graduate from the school before completing their 4 years term.
Furthermore, the school offers great academic quality and has a tuition fee under $14k.
9) University Of Maryland, College Park
With 45% acceptance rate, University of Maryland, College Park is one of the most prestigious schools in the United States. UM is the largest university in the state and in the Washington Metropolitan area. Apart from its academic popularity, UM is most popularly known for its rivalry with Duke on the basketball court.
The University of Maryland, College Park is most famous for its business, biological science, and social science courses. Therefore, getting into this university is not a breeze and with so much competition out there, you really need to be prepared. UM is also known for its football team’s crazy uniform.
8) University Of Florida
The University of Florida, also known as UF, is Florida’s third-largest university population-wise. The university offers numerous graduate professional programs including medicine, law, engineering, business administration, dentistry, and veterinary medicine.
Although UF has a massive student population, it is still quite tough to get into it. The acceptance rate at University of Florida is 43% with tuition fee under $7k. Due to its academic quality and low tuition fee, many students try to get in, but getting accepted here is not so easy.
7) SUNY At New Paltz
The State University of New York in New Paltz, short for SUNY, is part of the SUNY system. This university is ranked number one out of all the SUNY system schools and is also known for its social sciences program.
However, getting into SUNY in New Paltz is not quite easy as acceptance rate of the school is 37%. The reason that so many students apply here is that it offers a great bargain tuition fee of less than $7k. The school also offers great opportunities to its students to study abroad.
6) College Of William & Mary
Located in Williamsburg, Virginia, College of William & Mary is a public school that has an acceptance rate of 35%. This school is one of the oldest being founded in 1693, predating America as well. This university is quite prestigious and is known for its beautiful architecture.
This public school is among a few other high-priced schools with a little chance for anyone to get into it. The College of William & Mary accepts 4.0 GPA, which is a lot, making it a highly competitive and esteemed school in the U.S. Furthermore, 7 out of every 10 applicants get turned away by the admissions department at the College of William & Mary.
5) University Of California, San Diego
The University of California, San Diego is one of America’s Private Ivy League colleges, which is recognized as the top public research university in the U.S. Also known as UC San Diego, the university is held in high prestige and has been ranked 14th in the world by Academic Ranking of World Universities.
UCSD has an acceptance rate of 35% and offers 200 undergraduate programs. The university only enrolls 22,700 undergraduate and 6,300 graduate students. It has also received many awards and ranks for being one of the most distinguished schools on public and global levels.
4) University Of Virginia
Founded by U.S. President Thomas Jefferson, University of Virginia is a public research university that is also among those state universities that are quite hard to enter. It is also known as the one of the original Public Ivies.
The University of Virginia has an acceptance rate of 33% with a slightly higher tuition fee than other public universities. Getting into this prestigious school is not easy and 1 out of every 3 applicants gets the acceptance letter in their mail.
3) University Of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, is also among those public state universities that are quite picky about accepting students. The required GPA for applying to UNC is 4.0 and has an acceptance rate of 33%. Furthermore, what attracts students towards UNC is its bargain tuition fee which is under $8k.
However, getting into the university is the hardest part. Even if you have the perfect student profile to present, there is a high chance that you get turned away by its admissions department.
2) University Of California, Los Angeles
The University of California, Los Angeles, also known as UCLA, is one of the most prestigious universities. 1 in every 4 applicants gets a chance to make their dream come true. The university has an acceptance rate of 26%.
UCLA has received several awards and rankings. UCLA is ranked at 16th in the world for academics by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings. The university has also been ranked 13th fin the world in terms of reputation by the same source. The quality of education at UCLA is quite high, which is another reason that getting into it is really hard.
1) University Of California, Berkeley
With an acceptance rate of 21%, University of California, Berkeley is as prestigious and reputable as Harvard, Yale, and Stanford. It is quite hard to get into UC, Berkeley due to its academic reputation and relatively low tuition fee that is under $12k.
UC, Berkeley has won several rankings and awards for its programs and academic excellence. The Times Higher Education World University Rankings ranked UC, Berkeley 3rd in the Best Global Universities rankings. So, if you apply to UC, Berkeley, there is a high chance you will not get an acceptance letter.

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