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One in four university students suffer from mental health problems
It's often described as the best time of one's life, but according to a recent report, for over a quarter of undergraduates the reality could be very different.
A survey of 1,061 students found that one in four undergraduates reported having a mental health problem, with that number rising to a third among female students, compared with 19 per cent for male undergraduates.
The percentage was also high among LGBT students, with nearly half (45 per cent) saying they suffered from mental health issues.
The report by YouGov reveals the extent of mental health problems at universities across the UK.
It found that more than half of students know between one and five people that suffer from a mental illness, compared with just 8 per cent who know no-one with mental health problems.
According to the report,  depression and anxiety are by far the most common mental health issues, with nearly three-quarters of students who are suffering with a mental health problem, reporting both. 
What's more, of the students who said they suffered with mental health issues, nearly half reported that these problems affected their ability to complete daily tasks, with 4 per cent of those surveyed saying that even the simplest tasks were beyond them.

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