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Towering over his owners as they sit on their sofa, this the huge Great Dane who could soon be crowned the world’s tallest dog.

Three-year-old pet Major is more than seven foot tall and weighs a whopping 12-stone.

His owners, Brian and Julie Williams from Penmaen, south Wales, say he may look intimidating but he wouldn’t hurt a fly, he’s absolutely great with kids...he’s afraid of his own shadow.

The huge dog sleeps for 22 hours each day on his adult-sized mattress and eats a special diet mainly consisting of chicken and rice.

Mr and Mrs Williams are waiting for confirmation he is the world’s tallest dog and officials from Guinness will visit them and two other dogs before announcing the new record holder.

The family run a falconry centre where Major has free reign to roam.

Major is up against two other Great Danes, Freddy, from Southend in Essex, and Rocco, from Nevada in the US.

The previous tallest, ’Giant’ George, died at home in Arizona in the US three years ago.

George measured 43 inches tall from paw to shoulder and weighed 17 stone.

Mrs Williams said: ’He is up against Freddy and Rocco. It’s going to be fun to find out if he’s the tallest - but he’s top dog to us anyway.’

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